Does the Spirit Exist?

In “Soul Wars,” aliens indoctrinate the human race in a special form of spirituality known as The Teachings.  These writings lifted the Talasians above petty wars and greed and provided them with the skills they needed to master the spirit, and now they bring these teachings to Earth.

Spirituality, deep space and Soul Wars

I think they would be shocked to discover that there is a segment of the planet that doubts the existence of the spirit.

I’ve heard the arguments of the “man from mud” atheist crowd, and they always seem so petty.  They argue that the spirit or God can’t exist because they can’t be proven to exist, yet in the next breath, describe how the universe was created from nothing instantaneously from the Big Bang.  For some reason, this brand of “something from nothing” works just fine, but the idea that life stems from a spirit that can’t be seen is “illogical.”  I even read a recent theory that stated that all of existence in this universe was a three-dimensional projection of a two-dimensional plane on the surface of a black hole.  And I’m crazy for thinking that I’m a spirit?!

Evidence of the spirit abounds.  Just because science hasn’t developed the tools necessary to measure it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Other galaxies existed long before our ability to observe them through telescopes.