Tommy Scherer

He’s been a natural since the day he was born.  The songs pour out of him like a river flows into the ocean.  But they’re not your typical songs . . .

Memories, feelings & the unexplained

Tommy captures the mystery, the wonderment, and the curiosity in the songs he creates & records.  Playful & whimsical tunes followed by haunting and hopeful melodies & lyrics that will get you wondering…

Is there more to life? to me?

Tommy Scherer

The Mystery’s Gone

Track List

  • All We’ll do
  • Ice Cream
  • Would You Wanna Know
  • This is Not Heaven
  • Drugs
  • Wake Up Your Heart
  • The Mystery’s Gone
  • What Do You Think
  • You Can’t Play Guitar . . .
  • The Psychiatrist
  • Red Face
  • Blue Skies Over DisneyLand

Originally Released in 1999

Travel back in time.  For Tommy, life was full of hope and joy, but he also was aware that there were so many things that people didn’t know and were sometimes being lied to about. He used his music to send a little beauty, a little love, and a whole lot of truth . . .

I have been looking for this CD for YEARS so you can imagine my excitement in finally finding a copy for sale! Thank you so much!
Erin M.

Julhy 2018


This is Not Heaven

This is a song that I can listen to over and over.  So beautiful, so true! I find the tune often playing over and over in my mind.  –TM

Tommy Scherer

Magic On The Rise

Track List

  • Magic on the Rise
  • Author of the Song
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • About You
  • Angel in the Movies
  • Truest Love
  • Good Dream
  • Fallen for That
  • News
  • Look in Your Eyes

A Rare treasure

Its Title Says It All.

If you believe in magic (or maybe if you just wondered if there could be a little bit of magic left in this world), then you’ll enjoy these songs!

When I hear Tommy sing Magic on the Rise, I feel a little bit like John Lennon could have created that one!  If you haven’t heard it, you have to fix that!
Shon K.

January 2017


A Good Dream

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song! – KW

Let curiosity & wonder

shine through
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