Conspiracy theory - or simply reality?

Conspiracy theory or simply reality?

Conspiracy theory - or simply reality?In my new book, “Soul Wars,” the Talasians interact with Earth culture and offer assistance to help Earth overcome adversaries that are thoroughly entrenched in the society – a subsection of humanity that is only concerned with accumulating power and money regardless of the cost.

I know that there are many “conspiracy theories” out there.  In fact, if you Google “Conspiracy theory,” you get 52 million results in a twentieth of a second.  There is no shortage of tales of secret societies and small, ultra-rich groups of men and women who are bent on the destruction of mankind to further their own twisted ends.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always assumed that there are groups of very powerful people trying to grab as much control of the planet as they possibly can.  Most corporations have this operating basis built into their charters.  The purpose of these companies is to amass as much wealth as they possibly can.  Given the protections they receive when they are recognized as “citizens” by the courts of the United States, it is no wonder that the activities of the members of these very large and very old corporations start to look like conspiracies for world domination.

What do you think?  Are world events influenced by small groups of people who want to dominate others or do world events simply happen, uninfluenced by those with power and money?