Soul Wars

by ToMMy ScheReR


It’s a time when the universe is filled with races that have made pacts for the souls of men, enslaving them, guarding them, and terrifying them.

It’s a story of love, where flying saucers  & interstellar battles are the norm. Just as normal as the people who have mastered the art of leaving their bodies and use this advantage to free the enslaved souls.

It’s a light, almost whimsical touch on a deadly serious activity coupled with a gripping story and an eerie sense of truth running throughout.

Sci-fi Novel

Fast-paced adventure

Supremely advanced technology meets over-the-top spirituality

The novel begins with the remarkable discovery of teachings which have been handed down by an ancient alien race and reveal the secrets of the universe. These teachings emphasize the utter importance of the human spirit, its capabilities, and its rehabilitation.

The Hike

Robin and Talia

Talia and Prime One

Lift Off

The Speech

Talia's Journey

Provocative, fast-moving novel

Tommy’s insight into the human spirit, wit, and imagination make this work compelling, enlightening, and inspiring
The heroine, Talia, who has mastered the art of spiritual (out-of-body) travel stumbles onto a devious device designed to enslave spiritual beings, almost becoming enslaved herself.

This encounter sets into motion a series of events to free these terrified and enslaved souls. Talia and Robin, the man she loves, gradually uncover and destroy these devious devices left in place by these these evil beings on several worlds and begin to fight back.

In their naiveté, however, they awaken the age-old nemesis and step smack-dab back into the Soul Wars. Only this time, they don’t plan on losing . . .

Kirkus Reviews

“Scherer’s debut is a crafty hybrid of science fiction tropes, New-Age didacticism and old-fashioned conspiracy theory…the novel has a…tongue-in-cheek style that makes it all good fun. The novel’s political and spiritual messages are peace over war, harmony over greed, and truth over deception…the prose is so precise and the story so concise…A breezy sci-fi saga that will delight aficionados of both science and spirituality.”

Scared Stiff Reviews

Tommy Scherer delivers intergalactic clashes with a heartwarming love story in his new novel Soul Wars, taking readers on an extraordinary, spellbinding journey through time and space.


Tommy Scherer explodes onto the sci-fi scene

Tony Rizzo

Tommy Scherer explodes onto the sci-fi scene with a thought-provoking novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seats with an eerie sense of truth laced with hostile aliens, evil forces, secrets of the universe and triumph of the human spirit.

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