Soul Wars by Tommy Scherer

Soul Wars Cover

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Soul Wars is a fast-paced, original sci-fi saga that ties flying saucers, laser rifles, love, and interstellar battles in with the intriguing concept of advanced spiritual beings who are able to leave their bodies and interact with the material world. It is a light, almost whimsical, touch on a deadly serious activity coupled with a gripping story and an eerie sense of truth running throughout.

The novel begins with the remarkable discovery of ancient teachings, which have been handed down by an ancient alien race and reveal the secrets of the universe. These teachings emphasize the utter importance of the human spirit, its capabilities, and its rehabilitation.

The story jumps ahead seventy years and introduces the heroine, Talia, who has mastered the art of spiritual (out-of-body) travel. During a routine spiritual practice regimen, Talia stumbles onto a devious device designed to enslave spiritual beings. This encounter sets into motion a series of events that send Talia and her newfound love, Robin, on an interstellar journey with an ingenious twist. This, in turn, leads them to discover three new races, but, with each new adventure, they find themselves getting deeper into something insidious and unbelievable. They must engage in an agelong struggle that was won eons ago by a group of deceitful, evil, powerful, material-minded souls, which left most honest beings lost, confused, and enslaved. Talia and Robin gradually uncover the tool left in place by these thoughtless beings and begin to fight back. In their naiveté, however, they awaken an age-old nemesis and step smack-dab back into the Soul Wars.

About the Author

Tommy Scherer explodes onto the sci-fi scene with this provocative, fast-moving novel. His insight into the human spirit, wit, and imagination make this work compelling, enlightening, and inspiring. Tommy lives in Southern California with his wife of twenty years, his fifteen-year-old son, Robin, and thirteen-year-old daughter, Maggie.


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