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Soul Wars exciting Sci Fi ebook

How to read the ebook version of Soul Wars without a Kindle

Soul Wars exciting Sci Fi ebook

You can read Soul Wars on any device!

I’ve had a few friends ask if they can still read Soul Wars in ebook format even though they don’t have a Kindle.

I figured I’d post a short blog giving the lowdown on buying and reading the ebook through Amazon without a Kindle – it’s very simple.

Simply go to the Amazon listing of Soul Wars and click “buy now.” It will give you the option to buy and read the book right on your browser.

And – if you have a smartphone – either the iPhone or an Android device – you can download the Kindle App for free from either Google Play or the App store for Apple, then Amazon will give you the choice to load the book to that device.

For each purchase, you can choose to download it to 5 different devices.

Simple, eh?

Thought you’d like to know.

- Tommy