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Out-of-body experiences may be "normal," not "paranormal"

Spirituality as Science

In my book, “Soul Wars,” an alien race discovers The Teachings, a vast body of work that describes everything someone needs to know to control all the spiritual phenomena that mankind has ever dreamed was available – clairvoyance, telekinesis, astral walking, everything.  The Teachings are a owner’s manual for the spirit.

In my mind, it’s about time that scientists today turn toward these spiritual phenomena and give them a good look.  And if they can’t measure spiritual phenomena, then it is up to them to develop better tools for measurement and better experimentation.

Today, we benefit from the brave scientists of the past who weren’t satisfied with theories that had no basis in observation.  This is how we know that the heart pumps blood, that disease is caused by germs and that the Earth revolves around the sun.  Before these scientists discovered the underpinnings behind what they observed, the culture was steeped in superstition.

This is the state right now of the spiritual phenomena.  Many people have had an out-of-body experience or knows someone else who has had one, yet because the experience can’t be measured with current science, scientists shy away from the topic.

“Soul Wars” explores the results of a society that has embraced the spiritual side of existence, wrestled with it and finally mastered it.  While the Talasians are also a space-faring race with some advanced technology, it is this mastery of their spiritual abilities that makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Out-of-body experiences may be "normal," not "paranormal"

Is the Out-of-Body Experience paranormal or just normal?

Soul Wars is the adventure of a space-faring race as it interacts with other cultures – some more primitive (like Earth!) and some more technologically advanced and evil.

One of the advantages that this race has is not the typical advantage you see in Science Fiction – it isn’t just the technology.  Instead, the Talasians are very advanced spiritually.  For a special group of Talasians, the ability to leave their bodies and interact with the physical world is a skill to be mastered and used for the good of the race.  These skills are outlined in The Teachings, which are available to every Talasian from birth.

To some people, the concept that a person could leave her body to view and affect the physical universe seems far-fetched.  After all, isn’t astral walking and such considered “paranormal?”  To some, this very word conjures images of all manner of strange things, from ouija boards to ghosts to everything in between.

However, something that is paranormal is simply something which is outside the scope of normal scientific understanding.  This definition is almost adequate.  However, I feel it would be better to replace the word “normal” with “current.”

The definition of paranormal then becomes something within grasp - An event or phenomenon which is outside the scope of current scientific understanding.  After all, what was once “paranormal” to scientists several hundred years ago is certainly not so now.  Who’s to say that within a hundred years, subjects such as telekinesis, clairvoyance and out-of-body experiences won’t be mapped and teachable skills?

“Soul Wars” is unique because it does explore the ramifications of building a society around these very concepts – ones that remain “paranormal” to our current scientific techniques, but that could one day be “normal.”