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Does the Spirit Exist?

In “Soul Wars,” aliens indoctrinate the human race in a special form of spirituality known as The Teachings.  These writings lifted the Talasians above petty wars and greed and provided them with the skills they needed to master the spirit, and now they bring these teachings to Earth.

Spirituality, deep space and Soul Wars

I think they would be shocked to discover that there is a segment of the planet that doubts the existence of the spirit.

I’ve heard the arguments of the “man from mud” atheist crowd, and they always seem so petty.  They argue that the spirit or God can’t exist because they can’t be proven to exist, yet in the next breath, describe how the universe was created from nothing instantaneously from the Big Bang.  For some reason, this brand of “something from nothing” works just fine, but the idea that life stems from a spirit that can’t be seen is “illogical.”  I even read a recent theory that stated that all of existence in this universe was a three-dimensional projection of a two-dimensional plane on the surface of a black hole.  And I’m crazy for thinking that I’m a spirit?!

Evidence of the spirit abounds.  Just because science hasn’t developed the tools necessary to measure it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Other galaxies existed long before our ability to observe them through telescopes.

Conspiracy theory - or simply reality?

Conspiracy theory or simply reality?

Conspiracy theory - or simply reality?In my new book, “Soul Wars,” the Talasians interact with Earth culture and offer assistance to help Earth overcome adversaries that are thoroughly entrenched in the society – a subsection of humanity that is only concerned with accumulating power and money regardless of the cost.

I know that there are many “conspiracy theories” out there.  In fact, if you Google “Conspiracy theory,” you get 52 million results in a twentieth of a second.  There is no shortage of tales of secret societies and small, ultra-rich groups of men and women who are bent on the destruction of mankind to further their own twisted ends.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always assumed that there are groups of very powerful people trying to grab as much control of the planet as they possibly can.  Most corporations have this operating basis built into their charters.  The purpose of these companies is to amass as much wealth as they possibly can.  Given the protections they receive when they are recognized as “citizens” by the courts of the United States, it is no wonder that the activities of the members of these very large and very old corporations start to look like conspiracies for world domination.

What do you think?  Are world events influenced by small groups of people who want to dominate others or do world events simply happen, uninfluenced by those with power and money?

Out-of-body experiences may be "normal," not "paranormal"

Spirituality as Science

In my book, “Soul Wars,” an alien race discovers The Teachings, a vast body of work that describes everything someone needs to know to control all the spiritual phenomena that mankind has ever dreamed was available – clairvoyance, telekinesis, astral walking, everything.  The Teachings are a owner’s manual for the spirit.

In my mind, it’s about time that scientists today turn toward these spiritual phenomena and give them a good look.  And if they can’t measure spiritual phenomena, then it is up to them to develop better tools for measurement and better experimentation.

Today, we benefit from the brave scientists of the past who weren’t satisfied with theories that had no basis in observation.  This is how we know that the heart pumps blood, that disease is caused by germs and that the Earth revolves around the sun.  Before these scientists discovered the underpinnings behind what they observed, the culture was steeped in superstition.

This is the state right now of the spiritual phenomena.  Many people have had an out-of-body experience or knows someone else who has had one, yet because the experience can’t be measured with current science, scientists shy away from the topic.

“Soul Wars” explores the results of a society that has embraced the spiritual side of existence, wrestled with it and finally mastered it.  While the Talasians are also a space-faring race with some advanced technology, it is this mastery of their spiritual abilities that makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Out-of-body experiences may be "normal," not "paranormal"

Is the Out-of-Body Experience paranormal or just normal?

Soul Wars is the adventure of a space-faring race as it interacts with other cultures – some more primitive (like Earth!) and some more technologically advanced and evil.

One of the advantages that this race has is not the typical advantage you see in Science Fiction – it isn’t just the technology.  Instead, the Talasians are very advanced spiritually.  For a special group of Talasians, the ability to leave their bodies and interact with the physical world is a skill to be mastered and used for the good of the race.  These skills are outlined in The Teachings, which are available to every Talasian from birth.

To some people, the concept that a person could leave her body to view and affect the physical universe seems far-fetched.  After all, isn’t astral walking and such considered “paranormal?”  To some, this very word conjures images of all manner of strange things, from ouija boards to ghosts to everything in between.

However, something that is paranormal is simply something which is outside the scope of normal scientific understanding.  This definition is almost adequate.  However, I feel it would be better to replace the word “normal” with “current.”

The definition of paranormal then becomes something within grasp - An event or phenomenon which is outside the scope of current scientific understanding.  After all, what was once “paranormal” to scientists several hundred years ago is certainly not so now.  Who’s to say that within a hundred years, subjects such as telekinesis, clairvoyance and out-of-body experiences won’t be mapped and teachable skills?

“Soul Wars” is unique because it does explore the ramifications of building a society around these very concepts – ones that remain “paranormal” to our current scientific techniques, but that could one day be “normal.”

Tell us about your out-of-body experience

While detailed descriptions of out-of-body experiences have been documented in literature and non-fiction for centuries, many people who’ve had these experiences have decided not to talk about them for fear of being thought crazy. Because of this, out-of-body experiences are much more common than you might suppose.

Have you had an out-of-body experience? In my novel, Soul Wars, an entire race of people has mastered the ability to leave their bodies at will and affect the universe around them – while outside of their bodies.

Let me know about your own out-of-body experience in the comments below. Did it change your perspective on life? Did you know what was happening?

Talia from Soul Wars has an out-of-body experience

Talia has mastered the out-of-body experience

Soul Wars exciting Sci Fi ebook

How to read the ebook version of Soul Wars without a Kindle

Soul Wars exciting Sci Fi ebook

You can read Soul Wars on any device!

I’ve had a few friends ask if they can still read Soul Wars in ebook format even though they don’t have a Kindle.

I figured I’d post a short blog giving the lowdown on buying and reading the ebook through Amazon without a Kindle – it’s very simple.

Simply go to the Amazon listing of Soul Wars and click “buy now.” It will give you the option to buy and read the book right on your browser.

And – if you have a smartphone – either the iPhone or an Android device – you can download the Kindle App for free from either Google Play or the App store for Apple, then Amazon will give you the choice to load the book to that device.

For each purchase, you can choose to download it to 5 different devices.

Simple, eh?

Thought you’d like to know.

- Tommy