science fiction author tommy schererAbout Tommy Scherer

Tommy Scherer began writing Soul Wars in 2011, a unique offering that blends spirituality and high technology reminiscent of E.E. Doc Smith’s famous “Lensmen” series.

He had his own out-of-body experience (OBE) in the 1970s.  So taken by this event, he began to search for everything he could find on the subject but he could find very little. However, through his research and practice, he did come to know himself as a spiritual being, with a unique identity separate from the body.  No less than 15 such out-of-body experiences later, Tommy was inspired to spin an exciting sci-fi yarn that takes the human spirit and its potentials to the extreme.

Based on his revelations, he has written hundreds of original songs about these extraordinary journeys. In 2011, he began writing his first novel, Soul Wars, which reflects his understanding of life drawing upon his views of political, ethical, and moral reality of today’s society wrapped in a compelling drama set in the present and future filled with starships, flying saucers, laser weapons, intergalactic battles, and the ultimate struggle for all souls everywhere.

Many have urged Tommy to write the next book as the cliffhanger at the end of Soul Wars left them wanting more. He is currently at work on accomplishing just that.

Born in New York City and raised on Long Island, he attended the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today he lives with his beautiful wife, 14-year old daughter, and 16-year old son in Southern California.